The Importance Of Values In The Company

It is important to have values in your company. They are a collection of principles that guide you and help you understand the area where you work. This will allow employees to make a better understanding of their company. This helps create strong team relationships, provide a vision of the company and make it easier to manage employees. Values should be aligned with employee values and reflect the organization’s culture. A company’s core mission can be achieved by aligning values. People can build a strong working relationship if they are in tune with each other, and have a goal that is similar. The corporate culture of today allows for some employees to instantly feel “at-home” and join an enthusiastic group of people who share similar interests. The specialist officer will not realize their potential if the current values of the organization are not accepted by her. When I wrote the paper, my goal was to answer some questions. One question that I wanted to answer was how strong a match should be between organizational values and employee culture in order to achieve an effective workplace dynamic. What are some of the risks associated with a poor match? Should the organization’s strategy include hiring employees who share similar values?

A set or values of corporate character and culture defines an organization. In addition, because the mission and vision of each company is different, corporate values can vary. There are however many core values that can be adopted by most organizations. These include integrity, accountability and perseverance. All of these characteristics are stronger in an organization if workers follow and satisfy them. As well as these values, there are others that can help create culture, like ‘be fun’ or a motto such as fewer words, greater deeds. Companies also look for new hires with certain values. Twitter offers a microblogging platform where you can share a few sentences in your newsfeed. About”, n.d.) This sentence quickly creates a small vision about the company and their purposes. I could relate to their hiring criteria, like we are curious and creative people who feel comfortable expressing ourselves and improving our service. It means comparing yourself with others. Twitter isn’t just a blog for communication, but also an effective tool to spread information to millions of people around the globe. Not only should you tell them, but also make sure to include them as friends, colleagues, and partners. Comparing social networks and the people working for the company is not easy because the values of the organization are reflected in both.

On Twitter, I believe that a strong match should exist between the organizational culture and its employees because this creates a successful dynamic. By aligning their values with the company, employees can better understand the mission of the company. A strong connection between the values of employees and the organizational culture is the basis for a successful business. Values are not something that can be written on walls or papers. They are an intangible part of the organization. The invisible part of the iceberg. The company develops specific behaviors that are based on the vision and management of each department. I think that people who are at the top can achieve success by having a well-organized and similar culture. Based on the herd mentality, or group thinking, teamwork and satisfaction are enhanced. Facts reveal that 5 per cent can influence a crowd and the “other 95 per cent follow without realizing”. These examples (Nauert 2016) show that culture is important because it can help to motivate, coordinate and manage employees in the business. My opinion is that establishing organizational values can create a particular area or environment where employees feel valued by the company. They will be able to work and accomplish goals with the company.

When organizational values are in line with employee values, it creates strong engagement. On the contrary, a poor match between organizational culture and employee values will lead to a rise in individuals. Because most people have different values, principles and ideas, it is difficult to organize employees into strong teams. It’s possible that individual interests don’t match the vision of the company. I’d like to use an example with hockey or football teams. In one example, the team is led by several players with similar skills and abilities. They are all aiming to achieve the same thing, which is to prove themselves to everyone. A team that has a majority who are leaders and have different visions about the game would be another example. This team is not engaged enough to succeed. The newcomers in the majority are motivated to do something to show that they can, but their main goal is to be noticed.

I believe that a strong relationship between values and a working team is essential to achieving success. This is certainly a dream that every business person or leader would love to have. In today’s competitive world, new technologies are implemented daily and there is an increase in the number of companies. Sometimes, the organization may lose prominent and talented individuals because they do not fit in with its values. The person will most likely leave the organization in the future if they join the company. They cannot show their talent and open themselves up to the fullest. Diversity can also be a source of loss since different cultures have different values. You need to view the situation in different ways because different businesses exist, such as private banks, bakeries, and consulting companies.

Specific businesses will require certain people, who are able to reflect the working style of that business. Unemployed who are looking for a job in banking cannot be undisciplined or irresponsible. Also, it is not acceptable for the boss or owner to sit on the yellow beanbags or flow during the negotiation. Some people try to hide their values in order for them to be hired. This can cause both parties harm because they waste money and time. In order to achieve organizational goals, it’s important that employees have the same values. They shouldn’t, for instance, be lenient towards deadlines when the company is under pressure. Hiring new employees should be based on organizational goals.

How can you determine the value of an individual to a company if his or her personal and organizational values are not in sync? It all depends on what the company is trying to achieve, how it’s doing at the moment and any other external factors. If the company is having financial difficulties, top management may decide to hire a financial specialist. The person may not be a good fit for the company’s values, but his expertise and knowledge could make him a valuable asset. This person may find it difficult to integrate with a team within a certain organization. But he could be helpful in the short run. This can be done by hiring new people or implementing a different concept. In this scenario, the diversity of people and talent are very helpful. They can create a completely new vision as well as bring in new ideas. This question is the most important: “Do you need quantity or quality?”.

At the end of this article, I will make a couple of recommendations. They are based on Startup Culture. (Feld, 2012) First of all, it is important to distinguish between organizational values and an emotional atmosphere. It is important to not introduce too many core principles and not make any major changes. During the interviewing process, questions should be asked that will help identify similarities. Remember that when developing corporate values you must consider both the internal and external values of your organization. These include the company’s value, the partners it has, the attitude the staff and customers have towards the company. In times of crisis, it’s important to concentrate on people instead of the fit between employee and organizational values.

To conclude, there should be a strong relationship between the corporate values of the organization and those of its employees. The hiring process should also be focused on employees who have similar values. It should also be integrated into the strategy. A poor match between corporate values and worker’s values can lead to a decrease in engagement, as people are not aligned with the company’s goals, attitudes and traditions. It is risky for the business to lose talent, but all businesses have their own objectives, be it meeting deadlines, or earning money. The company must find the right balance.


  • codyyoung

    Cody Young is an educational blogger. Cody is currently a student at the University of Utah pursuing a degree in communications. Cody has a passion for writing and sharing knowledge with others.



Cody Young is an educational blogger. Cody is currently a student at the University of Utah pursuing a degree in communications. Cody has a passion for writing and sharing knowledge with others.

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