The Challenges Of Managing Work, Health, And Safety

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Team Conflict Resolution: Difficulties

Internal and external forces, resistance

Health care safety and security challenges

Management is an important aspect of many organizations. Managers, as well as individuals, often face many difficulties and fail to meet their goals. Management is no easy task. Working with people to manage safety, work, and health involves ensuring that they follow the rules and regulations required to do the job. Managers and organizations must develop strategies to manage this task, which is not an easy task (Keller 2017,56). This paper explains why managers and employees face safety and health challenges when managing work and other responsibilities.

Managers must work with others to reach organizational goals. When the work is done successfully, managers get their fair share (Pinto 2015.753). Managers and organizations have the advantage of being able to influence the behavior of employees. However, managing work may not always be satisfying. Managers expect their teams to achieve their goals quickly, but that is not always true. It is important for managers to recognize that they must deal with difficult or even impossible issues. The hard issues can range from employee performance to employee compensation and maintaining organizational policies. Here are some of the problems managers and organizations face in managing employees. Below are reasons why managing work and health is challenging for the people, managers, and organizations.Dealing with low work performance has always been a major source of organizations and managers problems. This is often due in part to inadequate staff selection or a shortage of qualified staff. Inefficiency results in managers receiving unexpected results. The second problem is that managers end up getting in the way of their staff members by not demonstrating what they expect.

Team Conflicts: How to solve them Most companies want employees to work with their colleagues. The manager can be put in difficult situations if an employee complains about his college. Managers may not be able to arbitrate such cases because they must treat all employees equally. Managers and employers must distinguish between a job and a personal issue (Galleries & Leidner, 2014, 287). Personal conflict is caused by the selfishness of employees. Task conflict is about health enclosure. Because there is no investigation when such matters arise, it can be difficult for managers and organization to distinguish between the two types. Peer conflict is another type that causes managers and organizations to have difficulty managing work. Peer conflict can lead to confrontational arguments. Managers may not be able to tolerate arguments from employees. This confrontation can lead to a reduction in the expected work output.

Managers often face burnout when they manage work. Keep your eyes open to the other important things in your life, besides work. Managers are often too busy to take a vacation. This causes them to burn out and lower their morale. Managers are often under pressure and have to work hard in order to meet their goals. Many managers are unhappy at their jobs, which can lead to burnout. Partner relationships can pose challenges to the organization’s ability to manage work. Partner may sometimes oppose changes or policies that would improve the organization’s performance. If this happens, it can make it hard for the organization’s goals to be achieved. Coordination among partners is essential for managing work.

To achieve organizational goals and expectations, resources are often required. Organizational management and managers face many challenges as they struggle to obtain the resources. Managers might ask for the resources to help them do their job. The resource might not be available or it may be impossible to obtain. These factors can make it difficult for managers to succeed. Management is an exercise in collective responsibility. Sometimes, however, the board of directors fails to establish a relationship with managers. This can lead to management being unable or unwilling to perform their duties effectively.

Internal and external forces and resistanceBoth manager and organization have difficulty managing work because of internal and externe resistance. These may be from employees or managers who believe the policies are not in their favor. Management may find it difficult to manage this resistance. A decision taken by an organization might be considered threatening to some employees. If they do, it may lead to them reacting in ways that make it difficult for the company to handle. This resistance will present many challenges for both managers and organizations (Finkelman (2015),759). The resistance from the outside is another form. This resistance involves informing government policies against organizational operations. Managers will have many difficulties managing their work because of this.

Managers and employees have trouble sleeping at night because of culture. Organization culture is a key factor in organizational management. Culture refers to the behavior of employees and managers towards business owners. Culture can have a profound effect on the attitude of a manager (Du & Bhattacharya 2015, 785). A manager’s attitude can be affected by the organization culture. An example: A new manager might be positive, energetic, and eager to prove his abilities. If the culture doesn’t support or empower him, this morality will die. Managers and companies that have strong values are likely to face significant challenges in managing work. This could lead to ethical and moral questions that are not in line with the manager’s core values. This could pose a serious problem for the manager as well as the entire organization.

Safety and health challenges It can also be difficult to collaborate with other departments, supervisors, and human resources within an organization. Healthcare is a complex area that requires significant investment and attention. The government is responsible for ensuring that the country has proper healthcare (Singh & Paithankar 2015,765). The government’s constant interference can create problems for managers and their organizations in the management of healthcare. Organizations also have to answer many questions because they don’t follow government safety and health policies.

Organizations should be aware of the risks associated with safety and health management. This risk presents a challenge to a manager, an organization or any individual. Financial problems are a leading cause of anxiety within an organization. This makes managing and achieving business strategic objectives difficult (Galleries &Leidner 2014.754). The government’s focus is constantly changing on health reimbursement. This causes problems for management as managers and employees are unable to concentrate on many issues simultaneously but only one aspect of their health. The government expects that health management is able to show how a resource has been used. Health risk management is made more difficult by the fact that this is almost impossible to prove in most cases.

Managers and people managers find managing work, safety and health difficult. Many organizations and managers lose sight of the larger picture. Managers need to be able understand the context of the work and can deliver excellent services based off this understanding.


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    Cody Young is an educational blogger. Cody is currently a student at the University of Utah pursuing a degree in communications. Cody has a passion for writing and sharing knowledge with others.



Cody Young is an educational blogger. Cody is currently a student at the University of Utah pursuing a degree in communications. Cody has a passion for writing and sharing knowledge with others.

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