The Ethical Issues Surrounding The Uber Company

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Uber: An unethical company

Interfering with or destroying something to prevent it from working properly.

Sexual Assaults

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Uber: An unethical company

One company has been the victim of many scandals over the years. Uber is a ridesharing platform. The app was written by Cathy Rainone of NBC4. It allows customers to request a car through a smartphone. Uber will then dispatch the nearest driver to their destination using the GPS. Uber charges your credit card directly for the fare. This famous taxicab company has been accused of sabotaging ride-sharing companies and sexually assaulting drivers. What has Uber done to address this issue? It has done very little. The Uber representatives seem to say what they want and then turn their blind eyes to the rest.

Lyft is another ride-sharing company. Ubers are known for their sabotage tactics. Times reporter Sam Frizell reported that many Uber workers would call Lyft to request rides, then wait for the ride to arrive before cancelling them. This would lead to Lyft drivers being unable to provide rides, and more likely cause customers to call Uber to get a ride. This ride-sharing company is actively seeking to cause the downfall of another company. Same Frizell describes how Lyft revealed to CNNmoney that Uber employees called and cancelled over 5,000 rides. After doing this analysis, I believe Uber’s credibility is now tarnished. They can regain their credibility by not trying to steal or ruin the business of other companies.

Sexual AssaultsAccusations involving Uber drivers of sexual assaults are well-known. Who’s Driving Who explains, “uber’s process to onboard drivers is dangerously negligent and Uber hasn’t even bothered to meet with drivers before allowing them passengers to travel.” This is what really irks me. How can a multi-billion-dollar company afford to do a background check on its employees allow dangerous people to drive innocent customers? Uber revealed that 175 complaints about sexual assault were received (RT Question more).

Uber has made many false statements since the information was leaked from one of their customer service representatives. They claim that the data is false and how the system could count it sexual assault complaint if any of them says “Uber ran raped mine wallet” (Linshi).

Why is it that so many women are being raped? Uber uses Checkr, a background check company, to screen potential employees. Although Checkr only allows for seven years back, Uber believes this allows people time to heal. Tracey Lilien of The Los Angeles Times contributed to this article. Uber allows drivers to’rehabilitate yourself’ at their customer’s expense.

No ridesharing company is perfect. But, deliberately sabotaging others ride-sharing companies and refusing to acknowledge numerous sexual assault and rape allegations is not only unethical but also untrustworthy. Uber drivers have come under fire and there have been numerous lawsuits. I hope Uber will start to care about safety and provide stricter background checks for its employees.



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