The Importance Of Esteem Needs At Google

The fourth level in Maslow’s hierarchy is about an employee’s need of appreciation and respect. This is what motivates an employee after all three of the previous needs are met. Maslow separated the esteem needs in two categories. It is important for people to feel valued and that they contribute to the world. A person’s self-esteem can be fulfilled by participation in professional or academic activities, in team sports, or in personal hobbies.

Google is one prime example of a company that understands how important it is to have high self-esteem. They know that rewarding employees with praise and perks will increase morale and productivity, as well as boost the company’s overall performance. Google offers many different ways to recognize and reward its employees. Only hard work and efficiency are the keys to all rewards. It conducted surveys, conducted focus group meetings, and read U. S studies, as well as interviewing and monitoring employees. The company discovered what motivated employees to seek recognition and rewards. They have now supported four types programs:

Spot Bonus Program

No name programme.

Peer Bonus.

Kudos Rewarding Googlers.

Rewarding googlers Spot-Bonus allows managers to recognize workers who are part of project teams by giving them a larger monetary or noncash award. Executives can use the No Name program to reward teams for exceptional performance. Group awards include team celebrations, team trips, and cash prizes. Googlers have the option to nominate their peers for $175 prizes. Both the spot and peer bonuses recognize those who go above and beyond what is expected of them. This could be extra work to finish a project, or solving a problem. It is not usually a way to recognize one’s personal/individual goals. Kudos’ rewards system allows employees to easily send thanks-you notes online to coworkers. Employees accumulate kudos that can be converted to either financial or non-financial rewards through the “Rewards catalog”. You can choose the items that you want to add to a virtual catalogue with Custom Rewards. Movie tickets, dinner at a local eatery, and VIP parking are all possible. Kudos offers a formal platform for peer-to-peer recognition that allows your team to appreciate and recognize each other daily. Our integrated functionality allows you to tie peer recognition back with company values, and reinforces the behavior that leads to success for your business. Manager-to-Peer Recognition: Employees who do something exceptional deserve Kudos. Kudos helps to create a positive, top down recognition program through Awards and Badges. They allow you to designate who can send them to your company. Google is an open and democratic company. It recognizes that its employees can be its greatest asset. This is why it incorporates all of its workforce’s ideas with regards the company’s ideals. Google employees trust their decisions and opinions with confidence. This makes employees feel valued and helps them to achieve their overall goal.



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