Structures Of Management In Crocs Inc.

Crocs Inc. was founded in Colorado in 2002. Three friends Lyndon duke Hanson and Scott Seamans founded the company. George Boedecker was also involved in the creation of the company. Although initially the croc was meant to be a Spa shoe, the company’s growth has been exponential. Crocs has sold over 300 million pairs of shoes, from 200 pairs sold at a Florida boatshow. Crocs is able to keep up and reach new markets.

The company’s management team is a key factor in its success. Our textbook covers the various management structures and their effects. Like many other organizations, the crocs team begins with its CEO. Andrew Rees is currently Crocs Inc.’s CEO. Rees serves as director and president of the company. Dan Hart is the chief legal-administrative officer. Carrie Teffner, executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, is the last major member on the management team. Crocs Inc. reported in 2012 that their chief marketers officer and the management team had been given silver Stevies. This award recognizes businesspeople and companies for their achievements. Two categories were awarded to the company: the first was the management team award and the second was the marketing executive award. This award recognizes the strength of the management team at Crocs Inc. and allows them to display their leadership. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. My research led me to many examples of each aspect of SWOT analysis. Crocs Inc. makes unique, comfortable shoes from Croslite. Crocs love the lightweight feel and comfort of this material. Crocs don’t offer other products, so most sales are seasonal (mostly during the summer). While there are many styles of crocs that can be found online or in stores, the company’s main focus is the classic clog. While the clog works well in warm climates, how does it perform when there is snow around? The Motley Fool posts an article on their weaknesses. It mentions one of them as the lack in variety. The winter is the most difficult time for sales, even though there are cold-weather options. The company must rely more on summer sales.

A company’s success is dependent on its employees being motivated. Crocs has proven this. Many benefits are available to employees and potential employees. These include insurance(s), equal employment opportunities and 401k with instant vesting. Equal employment opportunities ensure that there is no discrimination based upon race, color or gender. Employing equal opportunities allows employees to gain access to a broad range of talents, experience, and perspectives. The company places a lot of emphasis on employees’ health. They offer vision, eye, and dental insurance. Additionally, they have an on-site gym and instructor-led classes. This allows employees to live a healthy life and has fun at work. Crocs is proud to offer these benefits to their employees.

Finally, a company’s human resource practices can help them attract employees and keep them interested in their products. The human resource practices are recruitment, selection, training, development, performance appraisal, feedback, pay and benefit, labor relations, and labor relations. These practices are essential to a business’s success. Crocs Inc. is very focused on their people. Crocs Inc. is dedicated to creating a safe and healthy work environment. Their code states that their business partners are committed to protecting human health and the environment through compliance with all applicable regulations. You can improve productivity, employee motivation, as well as the ability to hire. Crocs has a strong focus on human resources. They pay attention to labor relations and also make sure that employees are paid the wages and benefits they deserve. Each employee is paid either the minimum wage or prevailing wage. Employees are not allowed to work beyond their maximum 48 hours per week, unless the employer agrees to overtime. Maximum 60 hours per week is the maximum allowed for overtime. Crocs employees are guaranteed fair treatment, care, and protection when they first start working for Crocs.



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